NKF Charity Show

A major fund-raising event, the NKF Charity Show reaches out to millions of Singaporeans, judging by the over 1 million households who tuned in each show. To date, the NKF Charity Show has the participation of over 60 Hong Kong, Taiwan and local celebrities and has raised a whooping $11.6 million in 19 days.

If you were heartened by the smorgasbord of entertaining performances and heart-palpitating stunts put up by popular overseas celebs and MediaCorp artistes last year, get ready to be equally enthralled by these big-hearted artistes!

In 2001, Phyllis performed her hit single, "Bu Xiang Shuo". Together with Christopher Lee and Tay Ping Hui, they performed a bamboo dance in 2000. She also had a performance in 1998

2001 - Bu Xiang Shuo
2000 - Bamboo Dance
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