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The Tree

A man is found dead on the road. According to the police officer (Phyllis Quek), it appears to be a straightforward hit-and-run accident until a pathologist (Francis Ng) operates on the deceased and suspects otherwise. The only witness to the accident is a 9 year-old boy who is found hiding behind the branches of a tree on the night of the accident. He is the deceased stepson.

As the investigation begins, the boy's mother (Zoe Tay) is arrested for the murder of her husband when the police find the van that was involved in the accident.

The pathologist gradually befriends the young boy and starts to develop a bond with him. He realizes that the boy yearns for his paternal father who has mysteriously left them years ago. Even now, the boy would sit on the branch of the tree, in hope that his father will come home one day. And he realizes that the boy has an unusual bond with the tree; one he cannot explain or fully understand.

As the boy gets to know the pathologist better, he starts to open up. The boy explains to the pathologist and the police officer what he had seen the night of the accident. It seems to suggest that the mother could not have killed the boy's stepfather. There is insufficient evidence to convict the mother, and she is released on bail.

Just when everyone's life is back to normal, a body is discovered by the pond beside the tree. The police identify it to be the boy's paternal father. The boy's mother is immediately arrested again. With her earlier suspected involvement in the death of the stepfather, the police now think that she could be responsible for the murder of her first husband.

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