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Live Again

Du Xiangyi (Shaun Chen), a down-and-out songwriter, succumbs to the hardship of life and takes to drinking. His wife, Han Qizhen (Ivy Lee), is not spared and is constantly abused by him. Unable to take the abuse anymore, she hits him hard on the head and ran away with their daughter. Xiangyi wakes up from the attack and suffers amnesia. He meets and is taken in by a rag-a-tag old man, Uncle Zhang (Chen Shucheng).

With his past forgotten, he starts life afresh as a new man, and succeeds in business with the help of Xie Siru (Phyllis Quek). Qizhen also begins her new life and finds solace in Chen Haiming (Edmund Chen). Just when Qizhen is ready to give up Xiangyi, he recovers his memory. He is caught between his gratitude for Siru and his yearning to make up for the wrong he had done to Qizhen.

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