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Angel Lover

At a time when Angelina (Coco Chiang) is at her emotionally lowest, a wonderful man Michael shows up and cures her of her broken heart. Just as she begins to fall in love with him, he disappears right before her eyes, leaving behind an angel necklace. His wish is for her to help others who have also become disillusioned with love. It is then that Angelina discovers he is an angel.

To remember the kindness he has shown her, Angelina starts an agency named 'Angel Lover' to help others like herself. Unbeknownst to her, another angel (Kagami Tomohisa) is now watching over her and bringing the broken-hearted women in need of a helping hand to Angel Lover.

These earthly Angels - Yu Tai (Alex To), Yang Tianyou (Ming Dao), Han Shaoxi (Ramus Kam), Mars (Ix Shen) and Sunny (TAE) - have their own shortcomings, joy, agony, and also problems; however, they are willing to give their concern and wisdom to help the women regain the courage to live and love. As one hand gives, the other hand also receives; the men mature and begin to change for the better...

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