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Adam's Company

This half-hour sitcom is set in a hip magazine publishing firm. It revolves around the life of a single, happy-go-lucky albeit puerile sub-editor and the lives of those around him.

Witty script and a generous dose of humor lead the way for this new sitcom set in a hip magazine publishing firm. It starts the effectively bilingual, Taiwanese VJ, David Wu, as the single, happy-go-lucky Sub-Editor and the “All Asian Star Search” winners, Jeff Wang and Vivian Lai as his colleagues.

Adam (David Wu) decides to hype up sales of his magazine when readership starts to dip. However, he faces many obstacles... mainly from his colleagues. Patrick (Huang Shinan), the Editor is only interested in enjoying life. Reporter Elaine’s (Vivian Lai) drive is not in her work but in searching for a husband to support her. The administration clerk is a blur queen while the photographer (Jeff Wang) is a skive king. It was only when Angel (Aileen Tan), an iron lady joins the firm that they start to shake up.