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2000 AD

2000 AD is a high concept action thriller set at the turn of the next century. It is a new breed of action movies from Asia incorporating computer-generated effects and death-defying stunts. The Y2K Bug provides the impetus to the story that follows the investigation of a young man into his brother's mysterious death.

The Y2K Bug. Real Warfare vs Electronic Gaming. Aaron Kwok plays Peter Tong, a carefree Hong Kong youngster who lives in a fast and bright fantasy world of electronic games.

Following the mysterious death of his computer brother, he soon find himself drawn into a web of a deadly espionage conspiracy which brings him to Singapore.

A clandestine organization schemes to use the Y2K Bug to cause mayhem throughout Asia. Suddenly Peter is forced to face the harsher realities that waits him beyond the world of electronic wargames. To survive, Peter has to call on reserves of courage and stamina he has never needed before.

Trailer (Original)
Trailer (Dubbed)