Life isn't supposed to be like this!

Do you even remember the last time you saw Phyllis Quek on a local TV show? She hasn't retired from the entertainment scene, just taking her time to live life on the slow track.

In the years 2006 and 2007, Star Search 1995 runner-up Phyllis Quek was jet-setting all over China and Taiwan filming when she reached a shocking realization.

"The way I was living my life then, I didn't feel like I was human!" she gasped. "I was flying and rushing from place and place and taking on one role after another and it got so bad that I kept falling sick."

For example, she would repeatedly have food poisoning, skin allergies, severe migraines and her stomach was so sensitive she would throw up if she ate something bad. For a girl far away from home and working in remote places with extreme weather conditions, falling ill this often was especially draining and painful. It was during this period that she started to treasure good health and living a normal life."I don't want my life to be so tough anymore. I want to re-balance my life and revitalize my body and mind."

So Phyllis set her mind down to shift her focus from career to her health. During these two years, she is spending more time with her family, especially her elderly grandmother, pampering herself, learning new things and "living life like a normal person".

"By that I don't mean anything big; just waking up and going for a yoga session and have lunch with a few friends. And if I'm free, go up to Malaysia to visit my grandmother because she needs to visit the doctor occasionally. These are things that money can't buy. In just a momentarily blink of an eye, I realized that I've been in the entertainment line for 12 years already! I don't want to turn my life into such a busy haze just for work; I want to add meaning to my life," she explained to us thoughtfully.

The longest break she's given herself without taking on any work is six months, during which the sports fanatic went for hot yoga every day and golf lessons a couple of days a week.

It was the role of Angel in the drama Addicted to Love (都市恋人的追逐), a Malaysian TV channel ntv7 and MediaCorp collaboration, that brought Phyllis out of her Sabbath. She calls the drama the Kuala Lumpur version of Sex and the City (a milder version of course) and the opportunity to act in a role equivalent to the world-famous Carrie Bradshaw was just too precious to give up for this Sex and the City fan.

"I love the role but to be honest, the three months we spent filming in KL was very tough. We spent about 16 hours filming every day and I didn't have any off days for the first one and a half months there to accommodate the schedules of the two leading actors A-Do and Huang Shinan. But I was very happy there because the other three female leads and I got along fabulously and the crew there had so much passion for their job!" she gushed.

Apart from this Malaysian drama, Phyllis also worked on two local movies this year; one titled Seven – Spirit Returns also starring 'Er Gu' Cai Pingkai and another titled Autumn in March, directed by Huang Yiliang and starring Sheila Sim and Nat Ho. She is currently on a break having just finished the filming for the latter.

*FYI, the last MediaCorp drama Phyllis was in was Live Again in Nov 2007 also starring Ivy Lee and Shaun Chen.