The thug life with Li Nanxing, Jeremy Chan

You've heard about all the inspiring teachers that the stars have met throughout their school years, but have you ever wondered what the celebs were like while they were students?

At the press conference for upcoming drama My Teacher Is A Thug, that was the very thing we set out to discover, and the stars did not disappoint with their hilarious and surprising responses.

Phyllis Quek and her reverse rebelliousness

Unlike the rest of the cast members, Phyllis was a bit of a model student – one who would even panic at the thought of being late for school.

"I think it's because of my personality that I was never a troublemaker in school," she smiled. "I was the kind who was pretty timid and I wouldn't dare to do anything against the rules."

Instead of acting out against her teachers, Phyllis devoted her energy to bettering herself instead. "I was the kind of person who would want to prove you wrong if you thought that I couldn't do it. That's why, if someone told me that I couldn't make it or wasn't good enough, I'd study even harder so that I could do what they think I couldn't."

She grinned, "That's the only form of 'rebelliousness' I had in me."