Channel 8 actors of yesteryear back on small screen

Channel 8 actors of yesteryear are back on the small screen. The Straits Times finds out about their new characters and what they have been up to.

From ethereal fairy to possessive lover

Local actress Phyllis Quek, 44, shares a passionate kiss with a younger man in her first acting project since her marriage in 2013.

She accepted the role of a possessive lover in Channel 8 drama Legal Eagles only after consulting her husband, Australian businessman David Cox, 54.

"He didn't mind (the role or the scene) because he feels it is just acting and part of my job. I would not have taken the role if he had issues. It is about mutual respect," says Quek.

Watching Quek transform into a ruthless cougar could come as a shock to viewers who remember her as the ethereal fairy in fantasy drama, The Legend Of The Eight Immortals (1998).

Far from being concerned about her image, she relishes the challenge.

"If you play a good person, you are who you are in real life. But to play a vicious person, you have to be more imaginative," says Quek, who was last seen making a cameo appearance in the movie The Ultimate Winner (2011), actor Li Nanxing's directorial debut.

A year before, she starred in thriller movie Kidnapper (2010)

Away from the limelight, she has been busy baking and basking in marital bliss.

The lovey-dovey couple flew to Paris for a three-month pastrymaking course two years ago.

"I love eating pastries, so I wanted to learn for fun. My hubby has an interest, too. He also wanted to accompany me," says Quek, who is based in Singapore with her husband, who has a daughter and a son from a previous marriage.

The lady of leisure dabbled in a beauty business previously, but has since withdrawn her investment.

She says: "My husband didn't want me to work too hard. We wanted to spend time together."

Acting still has a place in her heart, says Quek. "I have a love-hate relationship with acting.

"When you are filming, the long hours are strenuous. You have no time for a personal life, you long for rest. But when you are not filming, you miss acting."