How Phyllis Quek feels about intimate scene with Zhang Zhenhuan after returning to the showbiz 7 years later

After an absence from showbiz for seven years, Phyllis Quek is returning to your TV screens.

In Quek's first major role after her much anticipated return, she plays a vicious antagonist and even shares an intimate kissing scene with heartthrob Zhang Zhenhuan, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

In a press conference for her new show, 'Legal Eagles' 《法网天后》, Quek shared her thoughts on returning to showbiz after her long hiatus:

"I returned purely because I missed acting.

"The time flexibility that comes with the job is an added bonus!

"Most of all, I liked the character role that I was given."

A reporter asked if her husband minded her passionate scene with Zhang Zhenhuan, to which Quek graciously replied:

"I asked him before and he said that he didn't mind.

"If he had minded, I wouldn't have taken up the job at all."

When reporters asked if the goddess felt nervous locking lips with Zhang Zhenhuan who was 11 years younger than Quek, she said:

"The director was very sensitive and thoughtful to our needs so it wasn't embarrassing in the slightest."

When asked the same question, Zhang Zhenghuan admitted that he was 'wrecked with anxiety' at first, but later found Quek to be very professional and approachable.