Phyllis Quek returns to TV in a sultry role

Phyllis Quek looked like she hadn't aged a day when we met her at the press conference of her upcoming Channel 8 drama series, Legal Eagles, yesterday (Feb 21). Yes, you read that right – Phyllis will be returning to the small screen, seven years after her last television appearance in The Best Things in Life.

The former actress, who stayed out of the limelight after tying the knot with her Australian businessman husband, David Cox, in 2012, is now a bona fide tai tai. She has quit her day job as a patient relationship manager at PPP and is no longer involved in the aesthetic business ("I have fully backed out of it," she said, declining to reveal more details about her departure from the business).

Married life is treating her well. In an interview with Toggle, 44-year-old Phyllis said that when she's not travelling to and from Sydney, Australia, with her husband during his work trips, she can be found in the kitchen cooking and baking.

"Life's pretty simple now," she beamed. "We just spend a lot of time together – he doesn't want me to overwork myself so I have a lot of free time."

So when the opportunity to act in Legal Eagles came knocking on the door last year, Phyllis jumped at it simply because she was free. "I missed acting so much," she quipped.

On her saucy comeback role

Contrary to her conservative and domesticated personality, the actress will be playing the role of an unscrupulous middle-aged businesswoman, Fang Hai Lun, who is madly in love with Zhang Zhen Huan's character.

Besides having to film numerous amounts of intimate scenes, she was required to make the first move and take the initiative (read: seduce him) during the bedroom scenes. The role was especially challenging, Phyllis coyly admitted, as she prefers it when guys "make the first move."

Despite her initial worries, Phyllis still nailed the steamy kissing scenes in two takes thanks to the comfortable working environment and professional crew members.

"I hardly felt any stress while working on set, I enjoyed it a lot and it felt like I didn't lose touch with acting," she said.

Phyllis also expressed her willingness to return as a full-time actress if more opportunities come along.

To set the record straight, she clarified, "I was merely taking a break. I didn't quit acting.

Finding true friends in showbiz

Although Phyllis has stayed out of the limelight in recent years, she is still in close contact with some of her acting pals. She was most recently seen attending a wedding dinner with Zoe Tay and Huang Biren, and at an 118 gathering hosted by Cassandra See.

Phyllis also expressed regret over missing out on the all-girls trip to Taiwan with Zoe, Chen Xiuhuan and Hong Hui Fang when the trio flew over to visit and cheer on Yvonne Lim before she popped in December.

"I couldn't make it for the trip, but I did send my well wishes to Yvonne. I'll definitely visit her when I have the chance to," she said.