Phyllis takes the fall with Chen Hanwei

Chen Hanwei's three hour root canal to deliberately remove his front tooth for his role in an upcoming drama series now seems almost cushy compared to the actor's present condition - after a hard fall while filming in Malaysia last week left his limbs and torso badly wounded. His right arm also ended up getting stitches.

"I got too engrossed in acting, so much so that I didn't notice my immediate surroundings. That's how this accident happened." He was at the fishing village of Kukup, and in the scene, had to run along the rocky, narrow pavement, which was "uneven, muddy and slippery because it rained earlier." As he was also holding hands with co-star Phyllis then, she too took a tumble when he went down.

The pair had previously filmed scenes running along the thin planks of a kelong (wooden structures above the sea) for The Best Things in Life, without any mishap.

Straight after they fell, "the first thing I thought was to check if Phyllis was okay. Thankfully, only her legs were hurt,"says Hanwei.

It occurred around three or four o'clock in the afternoon last Sunday, and "I fell down first on my right side," he recalls. His hands, legs, stomach and shoulders were all badly scratched. "There was bleeding, and I think I saw a bit of bone exposed."

He was brought back to Singapore at about 1am and went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital where his right arm received stitches.

Currently recuperating at home since yesterday, the 40-year-old sounded worse for wear during the phone interview. He says that his injuries still feel "painful" and that "showering is now quite troublesome, especially on my right side."

So is he going to thread, and err, not run, on side on caution once he returns to filming within the next few days? In brief candid moment, he replies "Not just during filming, but everything!"